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Shanghai Lo Delicacies Platter

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Signature Fresh Crab Soup in Teapot

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About Shanghai Lo

Hong Kong’s most anticipated contemporary Shanghainese restaurant, Shanghai Lo, is opening its doors on 24th January on the first floor of The Tonno. Unlike most Shanghainese restaurants, Shanghai Lo favors clubby gothic design with oriental décor, bridging the classically old Shanghai and the progressive derring-do of a new generation on its dishes.


The unique new multi-faceted entertainment complex, The Tonno, was opened in November 2011 and has become the entertainment landmark in town. The heady all-in-one mix extends across 35,000 sq ft over three floors, including Tonno Kitchen which is an intimate Shanghainese restaurant serving a wide array of traditional dishes to highly satisfying effect. To meet increasing demands and pamper most diners’ appetite to artisanal Shanghainese dishes, the founder of The Tonno as well as the Chairman of bma Investment Group Limited, Mr Steven Lo, responds favorably by creating Shanghai Lo in a sprawling space of 10,000 sq ft inside The Tonno, which can encapsulate more than 100 persons.



I like the steamed pork dumpling as it is delicious and soft on the layer skin.
John Lee
The environment is clean nice and chill.
Steven Chan
The staff is polite and helpful. I will recommend my friedns
Alex Wong
The Shanghaio Lantern is fresh.
Jessica Chow
Modern and Chill Shanghainese Restaurant
Racheal Lau

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Chilled Crab Claw Jelly

Signature Fresh Crab Soup in Teapot

Shanghai Lo
Delicacies Platter

Baked Green Crab with
Preserved Bean Sauce
in Casserole

Braised Turnip Balls

Fortune Platter





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